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The Dust Has Settled

Alright, I am unpacked and in my new house. Finally! I unloaded all of my clothes onto my bed so that I couldn’t go to bed/sleep without putting my clothes away first. This place is so much bigger than our last place we don’t even have enough stuff. Our living room is over in one corner and it’s pretty sizeable but our dining room is over on the other wall 20 feet away and then we have this 6 foot space of nothing. Our last place was so teeny tiny there wasn’t even room for a dining room and now there’s this huuuge space. It’s kind of great actually.

There were four of us moving and we had this couch that was amazing and I was not going to leave behind. Our apartment is a corner apartment and so there’s kind of a tight squeeze getting in. All four of us were pushing, pulling, twisting turning to get this couch in. Roomie-friend wasn’t very optimistic but I was determined. A couple of guys who were moving out next door passed by and commented that they had had to throw away their couch because it wouldn’t fit through the door. Puh-lease. We got that sucker in 3 minutes later and were laughing. We showed them! Haha

Roomie-friend and I are having some peeps over on Tuesday for a little house-warming get together. Food and friends and fun. Gotta love it. And it’s labour day weekend and after that everyone is heading to school. Suckers! Haha, no, it’s great. It’s a little weird not having to go through those motions of tuition and getting my bus pass activated and getting notebooks and pens. A new chapter for me. Job hunting is my new school. Oh reality.

So I am settled, my muscles are a little sore from moving but they’ll bounce back. Gonna get on my fitness train. I’m aiming to run 3 days a week and get in some other fitness 3 days.

Hair hair hair! I’ve pretty much just been keeping up with my LOC routine. I’ve found that after a couple of days my curls turn into these tighter coils. Almost like finger coils. I’m not a huge fan mostly because the right side is more prone to developing these coils than the left side. What I have learned is NOT to brush through those suckers. If I do, for heaven’s sake start at the top and work my down. I’m sure you’re all thinking that’s a no-brainer. I had the unfortunate but learning experience of starting from the bottom and working my up a couple of those coils. When you do that your comb is not unravelling them but forcing the curl upward and together and afterward you end up with a huge knot. It’s not fun. Lost a wee little clump of hair from that. Never again. I use my fingers and a wide tooth comb in the shower with well-conditioned hair. Only way. I think I’m going to try a hot coconut oil pre-poo tonight. Or maybe I’ll just do a deep condition sorta deal. We’ll see. In the meantime, going to get back to working on my resume.

Happy Sunday!


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