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My Curls and Their Coconut Oil Pre-Poo Experience

Coconut Oil Pre-Poo was my task last night. I spritzed my hair with warm water and then applied the coconut oil in sections and finger detangled/combed it out. I think this was my first time finger detangling all over. It is definitely effective in getting tangles out.

I wasn’t sure how saturated my hair should be but it was well covered with coconut oil. After applying the oil I put on a plastic cap, then a nylon cap to hold it down and then my satin sleeping bonnet. Woke up and took all of my gear off and my hair felt cool and moist. Great. Hopped in the shower and rinsed it out while massaging my scalp (felt niiice) and then shampooed and conditioned with my Organic Shea Butter stuff. Hopped out and put my t-shirt on my hair to absorb the moisture. Now I’m sitting here and feeling my hair. It’s still a little damp. But it does feel soft even without having added oil and cream like I usually do. It also feels more dense..? Is that a thing? I don’t know, it just feels thick and soft. It’s fine and I like it. I think it’s a good thing to add to my routine since it conditions and moisturizes my curls. I think I like that ‘Olive Oil Replenishing Pack’ deep conditioner better. That one in the yellow pack. But Coconut Oil is good and is said to penetrate the hair shaft the easiest. So, kudos!

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6 thoughts on “My Curls and Their Coconut Oil Pre-Poo Experience

  1. Hey, what is your hair type if you don’t mind me asking? I love the ORS deep replenishing deep conditioner!!!! ❤

    Great post. I think I will try this before getting my box braids again.

    • I think… that I have 4a hair from what I’ve read. Or 4c? My hair clearly forms coil patterns like a spring, some areas have tighter coils than others but definitely coily springy. Except for my hair at the very front which doesn’t seem to have much of a curl pattern at all. You’ll have to send a pic of your box braids. I miss getting them done but not enough to pay for them. My mom used to do them for me.. I definitely miss that.

  2. A friend of mind was telling me about using coconut oil as a hot oil treatment instead of olive oil for my hair (I have 4C/4D hair, yea, really coarse). I’ve been looking up blogs and reviews on this to see how it works for natural hair and so far I’m hearing nothing but good things. I shall check this out. Your hair look awesome in the pics by the way. That sold me!

      • I did a treatment with olive oil and I took a hot towel and wrapped it around my hair for about 20 minutes. Felt like heaven! It is very relaxing. My hair seemed really soft once I completed it. She told me to try the coconut oil the same way and I may get better results. Thing is, there’s not natural foods store where I live so I may have a hard time finding coconut oil outside of grease. But I’m going to try it myself and hopefully we both yield the same results!

      • you’re most welcome. Let me know how it goes. I have yet to find any in my area. Gonna have to make a trip to a whole foods store to get it. I’ve been dying to try it..

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