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I’ma laugh it off. It’s different for everyone. I changed my profile pic to one from this summer of my dad and I at the lake. My cousin’s comment was “wow…..” and then “where is your long hair?”

My LONG hair?! My hair has never been loooong. It’s always been shoulder length and thin and fragile. I live in Canada. My cousin lives in Zambia. I have never met him but by the good graces of the internet and social media, we have the ability to chat and such. I know I’m interpreting that comment in a way that I feel slighted, that may not have been his intention. The girls he’s surrounded with and meet may wear their hair differently. I responded with “Hah! I liked my dad’s haircut so much I decided to get the same ;)”

Update Sept 28, 2012: Looking back at this… I can understand my insecurities. But also looking forward I can see it was a simple question from someone who has only seen me through photos. He didn’t ask: “what happened to your hair?” yknow? I think it’s important that I keep in mind that it’s not me vs the world. It’s not my hair vs everyone else and their opinions and views. I make up part of this world. I live here alongside everyone else doing my thing and getting. No use getting caught up and overanalyzing the slightest comment yknow? Laugh, smile, hug, be grateful. Don’t worry 😉


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