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What A Day

I am home. Home and in bed. Hair is taken care of, teeth are brushed, PJs are on. So, drove for about 9 hours today, got on a ferry with my friend, E and thankfully I had arranged a ride from my other friends. I had a huge suitcase and E and I were both relieved and grateful that we didn’t have to lug our stuff on the bus. We dropped E off at home but in her parking lot my friends’ car died. Just stopped. Tried to start it a couple times and nothing. Had to call a tow truck and I had to cab from E’s to my house. Boo. I feel bad… But I’m thankful that if their car was going to stop it stopped somewhere safe, in the parking lot and not on the highway or at a stop light. Yknow? Gotta look for the little things. I hope things work out for their car.. they were so sweet to pick us up and that’s how they’re thanked.. ugh. Life.

But I am at home and ready to start whatever’s next. Packing for my new place, getting back to my fitness routine (I don’t even want to know how much I gained… oy), and finding a job. What’s next, Life?



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