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The fun’s almost over. The wedding was yesterday and it was.. I don’t know, it seemed perfect. Hair and makeup and getting dressed with photos and bubbly and sunshine. We were a little late getting to the church but these things happen! The ceremony was beautiful and the weather was perfect for pictures at the creek. And then reception which was hilarious and brought on the water works. I was so happy to be up there with C & S. They were sooo chill it was amazing. Actually throughout the entire planning and day they were cool headed. No hiccups from what I could see. ‘Twas awesome. I’ve known the both of them since junior high and they are two wonderful people. And now they’re married. Aah! It’s crazy, really. We danced the night away.

We made our own bouquets with cala lillies, peacock feathers and long grass from her dad’s yard. Our dresses were striking, S’s dress was stunning. We made a pretty great looking group if I do say so myself. The food was great, open bar (holla!) and dancing into the night. Stellar. Now I feel like I need to detox. I don’t like to drink because I don’t like feeling the way I do right now. But the 12 days I spent here at home I’ve drank more than I normally do and I just feel like I need to get back home to my routine and such. But being home was faaaantastic!

Oh! And for hair. S didn’t care what we did with our hair as long as there was a braid in it and it was in an updo. So I had my mom put foam rollers in and then I had a section in front that was a braid sort of like a braided headband. I just wanted my hair to be full and longer and not coiled up and tight. I’m sooo glad my mom did my hair because A) I didn’t want any stylist getting up in there and then getting frustrated and running out of time and end up using heat on it or something and B) my friend showed me her bill and it was $96. Holy eff. No thanks. Free free free. Thank you mom!

I leave tomorrow morning at 10am. 9 hours of driving tomorrow and 8 hours the next day, plus a ferry ride and bus ride.

It’ll be nice to get back to running again.

PS: The dancing totally counts as a workout. I am sore today haha!


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