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Run Run!

Went for my run this morning. I definitely hit snooze a couple of times but I did make it out. It was really cool out which was nice. My house is in the shadow of a mountain so on the homestretch it was getting toasty because the sun was visible but closer to home I was able to duck back in the shadow. When I got home I turned on the big fan and had a great stretch in front of it =)

And where I am is soooo freaking flat!! It’s almost strange… I’m so used to going up and down and panting and such, but here, was just right turn, right turn, right turn, home. It was so flat. So square. Amazing. This town is two-tiered. There’s a monster hill that you can take to get to ‘The Bench’ as we call it, and then it’s just as flat up there. Maybe I’ll try kicking it up that hill.. we’ll see. But it was really nice to just run and not be hiking up a hill.

Ooh, the wedding is in 5 days so I think I need to keep up with my runs so I can feel svelte and lovely for the day. Anyway, road trip with the parents soon! It’s a holiday long weekend here in BC so it’s still our weekend šŸ˜‰ happy Monday to you all!!!


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