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Good Start

Behold! My eerily elongated shadow figure running in the morning sun. That’s right. I had three alarms set this morning. I was determined to run and it happened! I even gave an audible ‘Yess!’ this morning when I looked at the time, realizing I may have hit snooze a few too many times to have enough time in for a run before work. But it was only 6:30am so I had plenty of time. It was a good good run. And now I work for 8 hours and then home to pack for my roadtrip on Tuesday! I’m so excited! I get to be on the early ferry over to the mainland. Joys of living on an island. ANYWAY! I don’t have a whole lot more to add so I bid you all a wonderful Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Good Start

  1. I need to get on your level! I completely stopped working out! I am going to try to get back on track tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hey. I said I would get back to you about my fitness. So I have started gyming!!! I cant believe I’m going to say this but I think I like it!!! I kinda go crazy on the treadmill and then do some weights for my arms. I’m obsessed with my biceps!!! Anyways thanks for inspiring me. Your hair is looking major cute!! I got a new head scarf recently!!!! Anyways, stay awesome!! Congratz on the job!

    • I’m so excited to hear this!! I hope this is a wonderfully positive addition to your life. It’s a good feeling. One you want to hang onto. Love the updates! Head scarves are a great accessory. I was eyeing up a couple more earlier today 😉

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