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All In A Day

Morning run. Check. Did my regular route. Wednesday’s run was a short one. Today’s was a little longer. Tomorrow’s will be a little longer than today. My pacing was good on this run. I reminded myself it wasn’t a race and made sure to get a handle on my breathing. It worked out well. My left foot had some mild pain in my outer arch (is that what you call it?). It did go away after a while. Yesterday I woke up and my left knee was sore and felt a little bruised. I don’t know what I did to it… I don’t know if I may have hurt it floating down the river… but I was literally floating down a river.. I’m not sure at one point I would have injured my knee. Anyway, I can still feel it’s a little off but it doesn’t physically hurt anymore.

I know I need some new shoes though… I’ve had mine for a couple of years. When do they suggest you should get new shoes? Every six months? I don’t know if that’s more the shoemakers wanting you to constantly be purchasing new runners, but I don’t quite go for it. I’m sure your feet would benefit from newly supportive shoes but your feet also have to grow accustomed to new shoes. And every six months? Eek..

I know I will need shoes in the next couple of months. Just wondering, right now I have shoes compatible with the Nike+ running app. I’m wondering if I really need to stick with those? I don’t feel like I do, but what about you guys? Have you gone from Nike shoes with the tracker thing in them, to non-Nike shoes? At this point I think I could do well with just a stop watch and call it a day without shelling out too much money for ‘special’ Nike shoes. But that’s just me.

Alright, gotta get change for laundry and gotta start that while it’s early. Cannot wait to have laundry in my apartment. 4 weeks!! Yay!!

Happy Friday everyone!


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