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Things Are Happening!

So the place we looked at earlier this week… we GOT IT!!!! HELLO to in-suite laundry, dishwasher and double sinks! I feel so domestic being excited about these things but it’s such a luxury!! A little bummed that we have to buy a vacuum because we’ve got carpet. But I’ve learned, living in a place with hardwood, carpet is nice. It’s forgiving, not so cold, and I don’t have to wear slippers all the time. Or sweep, all the time! So, I am very thankful that I don’t have to worry about a place to live. Now it’s about the job.

For work, I’m trying to find a new full time job as well as a career. It was kind of sad… last night waiting at the bus stop I was just soo… down.. I was walking to the bus stop from work and the ad at my bus stop was for the university I just graduated from. It was a new ad and I saw one of my former classmates in it. And I was just.. feeling poopy because I didn’t have a job in my field yet. Not like everyone in my class does, but for me, it made me feel like crap. But yeah. For gosh sake it has only been a week since I finished school. And I have been applying for jobs so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. It’s all good. Just gotta persevere. 



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