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Accessories for my Curls

I searched high and low for a 100% silk scarf yesterday and after about 4 stores I found the perfect one. And only $20. I love the colour and tried a style from this YouTube vid ’10 Ways To Tie a Silk Head Scarf’. There are some super fun ones! And this one worked for me. My main thing for getting a scarf was for my upcoming roadtrip. It’s two days in a car and I sure don’t plan on wearing my silk nighttime bonnet so I’m going to wear a scarf to protect my hair from the cotton or whatever material headrest.

You like? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Accessories for my Curls

  1. Gah! Your hair is so pretty! And I love that scarf, so versatile! Cant wait until I have enough hair for that 😉 lol! Enjoy your trip! Cant wait to read about it.

    • I just realized I hadn’t replied to this. Sorry! And thank you. I wore my scarf yesterday and got a compliment from the lady at the drugstore. I love it, now just have to build up my collection!

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