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What A Day!

It was my good friend’s birthday today. We started off with her and her girlfriend and we went to this fish shop on the wharf and waited in line for an hour, but the food was amazing!! Now I understand why there is always a ridiculous lineup every time I pass it. I used to laugh at these people but now… I kind of tip my hat to them.

After lunch we drove an hour north and went paddling down a river. It was amazing! It was hot, and the water was cool and our floaty boats were wonderful as they drifted down the river. There were four or five sections where there were mini rapids and it was so fun!! I hit my hip on one of the rocks and nearly tipped over. Thank goodness I didn’t. At the end we had a little swim. I haven’t been swimming in soo long. It was wonderful, really. And I now know I am not a confident swimmer. If I can’t touch the bottom, I get a little panicky and I can’t hold my breath worth shit. Good thing I’m a runner 😛

Anyway, it was a great day. And I’m so glad I had the day off to be a part of it. Back to the real world.

Oh! And the place we looked at earlier this week we’ve been approved for! So new rental apartment in September. Beautiful thing about this place is its location, it’s a brand new, just-reno’d suite, and it has a brand new front loading washer/dryer IN THE SUITE! Yes!!! Also, a dishwasher and double sinks! Life is gooooood!! Alright. Have a good night!


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