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Dairy… Why You No Like Me?

Losing weight with a diet? What are the chances the weight will stay off if after the diet is over, you’re right back to eating like you normally do?

Exactly. These past couple of days, I have been so lax on things. And I can feel it. I had pizza yesterday and my body is not thanking me for the cheese. It’s weird for me. I’ve never had allergies growing up and I don’t now. When the dentist or doctor asks me whether I have any allergies, I get to say ‘nope’. But since living on my own I can definitely see that dairy products effect me. Negatively. So what’s the solution? I’m sure I could take this or that so that I’m able to eat all that stuff, ooooor, I could cut it out. Which makes the most sense? To me, cutting it out. If cheese makes me ill then I won’t eat cheese. Pretty simple. In theory. It is difficult, there’s no question about that. But honestly, if it’s between dairy and gluten I’m giving dairy the kick. My stomach will only thank me.


I got back on it today. I did the usual wake up, snooze routine but this time I caught myself before it got to late and before I knew it I was on the road. I was going to do my usual route but I thought today, let’s kick it into high gear. So I did a short 2.5k run but it was good and it was actually a run. I was up to 4:48 for the first k and ended at 4:51 for my second k. I just really wanted to kick my butt, yknow? Not draw it out over 5k, just really get my energy up, get my lungs and heart going, wake up my muscles and just move. So tomorrow I can feel free to try and get that steady pace happening with a longer run.

Today if I can get a walk in, which I have no reason not to because I have a whole lot of nothing on my schedule, that would be great. I also feel bloated so I’m going to be downing some green tea. Genmaicha is super good.

Happy Wednesday!



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