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Pass Me My Smelling Salts…

There is a lot going on. My roommate and I remembered that our lease is up for our apartment at the end of August. We’re not willing to sign another year lease here so that means… moving! We’ve already moved twice this year, and since this is a university town, finding a place for September could very well be a pain in the ass. We looked at a place yesterday and wow was it ever perfect. Brand new suites in a reno’d building. For once in our lives we could potentially have an in-suite washer/dryer, dishwasher and double sinks in the kitchen! Match made in heaven with a full sized stove and fridge. The location is also absolutely ideal. We applied yesterday so here’s hoping. It would be so perfect if we could get that place, fingers crossed!


My exercise routine… I’m so embarrassed to say… now that I’m done school, and have little requirements or things expected of me.. it’s just, fallen. My alarm is set in the mornings, but without the push that I have school in 2.5 hours so I’d better get my workout in, I have not been bothered to get out of bed. And outside I can hear the traffic getting busier as it gets later and later and that discourages me to go. It’s really sad. I need to get on top of it. There needs to be order and structure in my life! (Do I sound like an adult right there? Haha)

Thursday I’m hoping it’s hot out so I can go float down a river with my friends. I’ve never gone so I really cannot wait.

AND! I’ll be home in two weeks. So, it’s kinda busy. Here for two weeks, then home, then back here to pack, then moving. And during that time I need to apply for jobs jobs jobs. I have to. I get anxious thinking about it…

So that’s my life thus far. I hope I can find it in me to get a workout in. Or even Wii Fit. Yeah. Alright, happy Tuesday!


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