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My Hair and I

I’ve recently been re-introduced to my hair. As you know, March of this year I chopped it off and 4 months later, it’s doing a pretty good job of doing what it does best. Growing. And what more could I ask of it? I’m happy with my hair. It’s curly, coily, thick, soft and wonderful. I really don’t feel like I want to cover it up.

I was on Skype with my mom yesterday. It was the first time we had Skyped in ages, now that I’m done school, I finally had the time. She was asking me what I wanted to do with my hair for the wedding next month. I chatted about twist-outs and braid-outs which she thought were good ideas. I was pulling my curls, showing her the length I was so happy with.

She also suggest braided extensions. I’ve had extensions before. I loved them. They were my chance at long hair. Mom pulls out my grad pic where I have long extensions, “Like this!” she says. Noo.. I shake my head. I want to wear my hair. “Or..” and this is where I get a little defensive. “Or you can relax it.” *record screech* Say what now?! Why– WHY would I want to relax my hair?? Did she miss my whole yearning to have my own curls. Did she miss the fact that when I was home in March I had to have her cornrow my hair because my hair was so damaged and uneven it looked gross left out? That was the WHOLE point of getting my hair cut. So that I can wear the hair I was given, the hair she gave me!

You can believe that was met with a quick ‘absolutely not’ paired with a look of disbelief. No. For that wedding, I am wearing my hair out. Ooh yes I am. She thought that was fine and I suggested we try a bunch of styles when I’m home and then decide on the best one. So, thank you mom. But man, oh man, let’s stay away from the R word next time, alright? No relaxin for this girl. Ever.


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