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What Is Up


My run today was pretty on target. I maintained a good pace. Only annoying thing is, I enjoy running with music but earbuds are sooo annoying. I think I may have to invest in some over the ear headphones to save myself the frustration. Did 5k with pace around 5:15/km which is fine. I did have a lapse where I hadn’t run for the past three days… oy… I need to not do that. And I do have the time, so I don’t have the excuse. I’m more motivated to run in the mornings so I should just stick with that. I don’t mind running in the evening but I’m more likely to go if I have someone to run with. But that hasn’t been the case in the past few days so that’s kind of out.


Aaaah!! The madness is over in 4 freaking days!!! How amazing is that?! I am so excited to be done. Really really =)


Just working until the wedding. I still have to figure out a wedding present. I’m sure it will come to me… *eff please let me think of something soon* Any ideas?


My little fuzz is growing. Next week will be my fourth month of natural hair. And I still have to decide on a style for the wedding as well. I think I’ll play with my hair when I’m at home. That way my mom can help me.


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