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That Run Sucked…

I thought I would be somewhat impulsive. I was going to turn left to do my new route but I turned right and decided I would revisit my old route, just do it backwards to switch it up a little. I’m sure I was doomed from the start. It was just poor. I turned a block earlier to cut the run down. At one point I walked a little but then was motivated to run when crows started cawing at me and following me!! But then yeah.

Just a not fun run. So I’m thinking I may cut back on my carb intake. I do think I consume too many carbs. Maybe it was those two chocolate bars from yesterday. I don’t know what came over me but I had a Wunderbar and a Twix! Haha I confess! 😛

But yeah, I think I need to be more conscious of my eating habits. But anyway, it’s the long weekend! I’m working today but then my parents will be here! Yaaaay!! Alright talk later!


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