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Good Morning Sunday

I started off my Sunday with a run. It was shorter, 3.8km, but it was a different route which I find to be really motivating. This route starts off with a pretty mean hill and then its mostly downhill until I’m heading home with a gentler hill. It was good. I think I need to extend it somewhat. I want to up my distance so that route just needs some tweaking.

I’m in my final 3 weeks of school and since school is Mon-Thurs I’m really trying to make use of my time so I’m working three days a week. I need some money by the end of school if I’m going to be keeping up with my bills. This past term was a little tight. I think I worked twice a week? Anyway, things are getting busier downtown so I’m able to get full 8 hour shifts for each day. Last night I worked until 10 and it was nuts. Like craaazy. People everywhere. It made the shift fly by but wow. I’ll take it though.

So! Today for fitness, I did my new route as I mentioned and then I did some tabatta workouts from HangTightWMarC. And THEN I did this yoga routine from this youtube vid. I really really love youtube for workouts. It’s all right there. So easy to find. So this yoga routine is here. And from what I’ve done of ‘YogaJournal’s’ videos, they are really great. It’s a good flexibility/strength workout and I think I’m going to keep up with them.

I have a friend in town this week. I met her in my college program and we’ve been friends since. She’s moved away for work but she’s back now. She’s more of a party animal than I am. Which doesn’t say much because I don’t really party… ever…. but still. She wants to go out Monday night, which is fair. I rarely said yes to going out while she was here so I feel like I should make an effort. I don’t mind drinking, I just… I feel like I’ve done my partying in my younger days (omg.. I’m only 24… haha) but, I just know the feeling of being hungover. It’s hard for me to cope with being hungover because I like being productive but a hangover… eff.. it makes me sit on the sidelines for a bit. I just feel like I’ve poisoned myself.. which I guess is fairly accurate. Plus I don’t want to make an ass of myself. Also, I just feel like my fitness level just nose-dives. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to stick with beer. Haha. It’s not about calories, I’m not going for any lite shit. I’m definitely going for the cheapest shit though. And I am going to drink water by the end of the night. Three cheers for my plan! Yeah? Alright I’ll let you know how it shakes down.

Happy Sunday!


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