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Things I’ve Learned Being Natural

I read ‘7 Things I Learned Since Going Natural’ from Madame Noire and I found some that I can definitely agree with.

#3 “If You Leave It, It Will GrowThis fro of mine only gets combed when it has conditioner in it, or possibly when I need to tame my hair for two-strands. Otherwise, it stays as is in a large ball. Back in the day I used to leave so much hair in my combs and brushes, but not so much anymore. It might shed a little in the morning from tussling with it, but as I’m sure you know, the less I’ve tugged at it and messed with it, the more my hair has grown and made for a very thick head of hair.”

Gotta say that’s me. Laziness is my go-to. Especially in this stage where it needs very little manipulation. I’m sure when I get more length I’ll have to maintain, manage, protective style but for now, I’m basking in the auto-pilot stage where I just water it and watch it grow =) No weeding yet! haha

#7 “Seriously, Find a Few Products and Leave Your Hair and Wallets BeI found pretty decent products for my hair a long time ago, but when I look in the cabinet in my bathroom, it’s filled with waxes, sprays, curly puddings and more that I shelled a pretty penny out for but don’t use anymore. In all honesty, the products that work best for me were ones I received for free or they don’t have all the pretty smells and colors.”

Here’s where my ‘student budget’ practicality kicks in. I haven’t yet experimented with creating my own mixtures or using homemade recipes but I’m sure I will soon. But I do know I’d rather spend money on food or something essential than on hair products. I think I have… 6 products altogether? They’ve worked for me so far so I’ll probably hang on to them. I could use a leave-in conditioner and swap out one of my hair oils but altogether I’m pretty content. Unless one of my products is working against my hair, the amount of products I own won’t grow considerably. I’ll probably have to buy things more often when I have more hair and it takes more product. But until then I’m happy with my slim pickings!


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