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Being A Girl

I like to run. I’ve mentioned it often. But, for me, running during those 4-5 gross days just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not one to get crippling cramps or a sore back or anything, and for that I am thankful. But I am bloated and gassy and really not feeling so great. As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m kind of sleepy and just feeling like a lump. My last period I really copped out of exercising and I really didn’t want to do that again. So this time, while I didn’t go for a run, I have been doing some strength workouts and focusing on my muscle groups which I think is a good alternative to my cardio pump-up. I’m still feeling okay in doing some cardio (Wii Fit Super Hoola Hoop for the win!) but I’m just not up to hitting the pavement for a couple kms in the mornings like I’m used to which you know what? At first I was annoyed with myself, but I think it’s ok. As long as I’m not binge eating candy and carbs like a crazy person I think I’ll be okay for that first day back running. Maybe that’s weak but for me that’s how I roll. I have pretty heavy periods so comfort is my main thing.

What do you ladies do when you’re not feeling so hot but still want to put in the exercise? Do you still go full-tilt regular style or do you bump it down a notch for comfort?


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