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Evening Running

Yesterday I did something a little different. I went for an evening run. Normally my thing is to go for a run at around 5:30-6am. But last night my roomie-friend and I convinced ourselves to run at night. This was impressive especially because I was done work at 10pm so we weren’t on the road until about 10:30pm.

I have to say, it was great. Really great. I don’t know why but, I felt more energized. Also, the traffic and pedestrians were minimal which is what draws me to morning runs. I think I’m going to try my 5k route tonight and see if there’s a difference between my running in the morning vs the evening.

On other news I think I’m PMS’ing crazy these past couples of days. I’m generally a morning person. So I can be up at 6 and be incredibly productive. But yesterday and today… I have not been able to drag myself out of bed. Like.. really. And I feel so tired. Like, sometimes, I can just lay in bed because it’s warm, but I can’t really fall back asleep because I’m not actually tired. But recently I have been hitting snooze for hours. It’s not cool. I just feel so lethargic and useless. That’s enough of that. I may use my radio alarm clock that’s on my dresser for tomorrow. Not so easy to get out of bed, hit snooze and go back to bed. I looked up PMS fatigue and lethargy and one article suggested exercise as a way to combat that. Hah. Of course.


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