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My low sugar, low dairy has been going pretty well so far. It’s not as difficult as maybe I thought it would be. It just takes some thinking. When I go to bed at night I’m happy with my choices. When I wake up in the morning I’m happy with my choices. It’s just the in between that I have to watch. It’s easy to say, one of these, that’s fine. But it feels so much better when I can say, no, and walk away. It really does.

I did my 5k this morning. It was fine. I had a good pace. I didn’t stop. I may have to find a bit of a longer route I think. Maybe I’ll start looking at 6k.

I love running. I love being outside in the mornings. I just reeeeally don’t like having the same old running playlist. And since mine isn’t shuffling, I end up listening to the same song in generally the same running area as the morning before. It’s just monotonous and it kinda gets to me. I’ll switch up my playlist today with some different tunes and we’ll see how that works for tomorrow.

After my run I did some kickboxing youtube video. I love youtube. I think that and the internet in general has really given me independence from the gym, yknow? I like it.


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