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What’s Happening

Soo, I’ve been working out but the past couple of days I haven’t been doing my part diet-wise. Saturday was my roomie-friend’s birthday so we did go out and indulge, which was good. I just have to get started on making my diet match my workout’s good intentions. Don’t want to waste all of that hard work.

For my diet I am cutting out processed sugars and dairy. Natural sugars are good for me but no candy, fizzy drinks and such. I really don’t consume a lot of pop so that’s not an issue but I have been indulging in a lot of those 5 cent candies from the corner store and that needs to stop. Also, no more chocolate. Or ice cream. That’s the dairy part. I’m not going to be looking at ingredients and seeing if there’s dairy, I’m not that dairy-free into it. Just the big stuff that affects me poorly.

I need to do my fitting for my bridesmaid dress probably next week, so gotta get my shit together. And I realize if I’m going to be slim getting my dress fitted, I need to stay slim for my dress to fit on the day. So this is more than just working out for yknow, 4 weeks or whatever. This is my summer. And I hope it extends beyond that because I like the way I feel and look when I take care of myself. It’s a good habit to have I think.

I didn’t run today. I did do some HangTightwMarC workouts. I like the Tabatta style workouts. High intensity with the rest period. I find that gets my heart rate up and I can feel my muscles working. I have the day off tomorrow and Wednesday so I will be getting my runs in both days.

As for my hair, it’s just doing its thing. I’m just keeping it watered and happy. It’s growing in return 🙂

Happy Monday!


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