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Solid Workout Day Today!

So I figured, on the days I workout may as well go hard. So, I did my 5k run. Shaved off about a minute and a half. Which is good, but not good at the same time. I could tell while running, that I was going to have a faster time, but that was because I was half-dying. I gave myself some good pushes on the one uphill, but maaan, I felt it. It isn’t bad, I did complete it, but I can definitely tell when I’ve been picking up the pace.

Got home, stretched and then did this HangTightwMarC workout which was good. I hope I feel it tomorrow. And then I did some WiiFit for a cool down stretch. So that was a good day all in all.

Washed my hair today. It’s feeling nice and soft. Gotta moisturize. So now I’m just doing laundry and gonna get some breakfast ready.

Happy Friday to you all!


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