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It’s Go Time

Today I stumbled across what’s turning out to be a wonderful new fitness resource!

It’s called: HangTightwMarC and she’s got you covered for all your social media. TwitterYouTube and Facebook. She’s got a suggested workout schedule as well.

I plan to do:
Mon – run
Tues – HangTight workout
Wed – run
Thurs – HangTight
Fri – run
Saturday – run or HangTight or maybe both, who knows?
Sun – rest

I’ll let you know how that goes. For tomorrow I do plan to do a run and a HangTight workout because I want to try it out. I also really liked this yoga video she had. That’s what initially got me to her YouTube channel. Oh yeah, once I saw her video, I was like oh, awesome, and then I noticed her natural hair and I was like yesssss! Natural hair for the win!

She also address the flexibility she has in exercising with natural hair and does her part in sharing why natural hair is the way to go in this video. And she discusses her natural hair transition journey in this video.

I’m really excited to get started on this. I’ll let you know how it goes =) In the meantime, check out her stuff for yourself!


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