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AM Run and Conditioning My Curls

My Run

I did it! Nike+ is not working right now… it won’t let me login. Or it would like to but it just loads foreverrr. But I ran 5k! And it was actually really good! As in, I wasn’t dying at any point and I didn’t even stop. Except once, but that was to tie my shoelace. So, my roomie and I ran this morning. I told her I was doing my 5k so we ran up to a certain street then she headed for home and I continued. Oh, and I had a maaajor cramp under my ribs the first 3 minutes or so. It hurt. But for the run. The thing is, she has a really good pace, it’s slower than my usual run-by-myself pace, which means I don’t lose energy and breath so quickly. I always find it hard to pace myself, but anyway! We ran and then when she peaced out I kinda kept it in the back of my mind to maintain the speed we were at, which was good. I managed to run all the way and I wasn’t even gasping at the end. I think I’ll do that again tomorrow. Oh, and the hill coming home on this route was a lot more pleasant than the other options of hills. And with no intersections, I didn’t have to wait for lights. Perfect. My time was 29:14. When I got home I did 30 mins of Wii Fit. Yay! Good Wednesday.

Curl Care

The last two days I’ve had my TWA in a headband which I like, but I just worry that I’m stressing my edges. I’ve never had the problem before, but throughout looking at blogs and youtube vids it’s just something I’m aware of. They are a little snug and I find by the end of the day my head needs a break. Maybe I’ll wear my American Apparel hair bow today..?

curls after deep conditioning

So, what’s happening on my head right now? A shopping bag and a tshirt. Cause I am deep conditioning! I’ve got the oven timer on for 3 hours so I’m good to go! It’s crazy but it’s only 7:30am right now! I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done and the day hasn’t really even begun. Fine with me! Oh! And the conditioner I’m using is called ‘Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak’ and this lovely lady reviewed it here. I’ll leave some comments after I’m done using it. I’ve used it before and I like it. It’s thick, smells nice and it’s supa cheap. Under $2.

PS: Anyone ever watched ‘Bob’s Burgers’? Good show. Funny as shit. Weird, but funny as shit.


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