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All These Curls and All These Girls

This video made me tear up a little.

Black Women’s Transition to Natural Hair

It’s beautiful. I like seeing other peoples’ feelings about their hair, their journeys. All the different types of hair, hair styles and the faces beneath them. I like that for people, me included, your confidence may have been removed or ruffled along with your relaxed hair. It’s true. But it’s so so cool to see that confidence, that self-assurance, that pride grow as your hair grows. You’re changing, as your hair is changing. And I love stories where women, get the Big Chop, they have a short ‘do and their hair grows. And then they decide to cut it short again, because yknow? It’s not a huge deal. And they like the look. They return to the look with a sweet fade and it’s just so nice to see that freedom. That release of apprehension. Did it once, you can do it again, and you can love it. It’s awesome.

The faces under these curls seemed very.. content and yknow what? They seemed very relaxed! 😉

What did you see in this video?


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