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Washing The Curls

With relaxed hair I was pretty on top of washing my hair. Every other day.. maybe stretch a straighter look into two or three days. But my hair would tell me when it was ready to wash and that was quite often. Of course then I would wash it then have to be on top of blow drying or straightening it or scrunchin it for curl (gosh). But now, I actually have to write on my phone calendar when I wash my hair, mostly just for reference. I don’t wash my hair because it’s exactly 7 days since my last wash. Just when I feel like it. This was a tricky transition for me. At first I couldn’t believe, one week or more washing your hair? Really? I would go three days and feel the need to wash. But now, I just massaged my scalp before jumping in the shower and figured yeah sure I’ll wash today. Checked my phone, last wash was last Tuesday. Allriiiight. I feel like I’m part of a step program. Just made it 9 days before a wash! Yess!! Where’s my button? =)


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