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Asante Sana Squash Banana

That right there is me feeling craaaaazy!

I did it. 5k. This morning. My legs feel a little wiggly. I do feel good that I did. There is sooo much room for improvement. But I think I found a good route. There are slight inclines not massive hills to hike up. Only draw back is there are about… 3 or 4 intersections where I actually have to press the button and wait for walk signal… so that kinda kills the momentum.

Uh! I hate spiders. Haaaate them. They freak me out. And this morning, heading for my shower, I drew back the curtain and there it was! A spider! It was pretty big too. Not cool.. not cool… do what you have to do spider, just stay outta my bathroom. That is a sacred sacred place. And noone should feel scared going into a bathroom to do what they gotta do. If we didn’t need bathrooms, we wouldn’t have bathrooms, we’d have lovely powder rooms everywhere. But we doneed bathrooms. So stay out of mine!

TWA Twist Out

So I put twists in yesterday and took them out this morning. Made sure to moisturize them. Made my hair fuller, bigger, more curls. I like it πŸ™‚

Alright! And my ‘twist out’. Hah! I think I’m going to wait for a couple more inches before I do one of those again. It’s cute, but, nothing much really happening up there. I put it in a headband to kinda hold down the crazy. Actually, looking at the pictures, because my hair is stretched and curly, it actually gives it some pretty beautiful volume and like bulky thickness. I like it. I really like it! Oh! Just found an untwisted one! πŸ˜›

I’ve included a pic. I hope it doesn’t bother you guys that I don’t include my face. I just.. I don’t feel comfortable..? And I don’t really feel the need. So. Hope that’s okay. You can see my hair though which is what this is all about.

Alright, gotta get my day started. Have a good one!!


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