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Gotta Get My Running Up

Wii Fit is a good time. And Just Dance for Wii. Gets your heart rate up.

So, I’m thinking I need to find a 5k route and then just work it work it til I get it. Cause I am just.. not getting my distance going with these shorter runs… If I pick a route and stick to it, then I can see my progress and where I can improve. And I can alternate with jogging it and doing interval runs. I just wish sooo bad that I lived somewhere with less hills. I know it’s great and all but those things kill! And I just want to be able to maintain pace without chugging uphill and killing my speed.

Anyway. I have two papers to finish today. And it’s my birthday on Saturday!!! Eggs benny breakfast!!! Heck yeah! I am soo excited =) I haven’t had a homemade benny in forever and those things are GOOD!

Alright, well I’ve got my vanilla oolong tea steeping and I’m thinking… I’m currently on my term break.. I should do something with my hair… Since I have all this time on my hands. Twists? I’ll give it a go. I may get annoyed though, my hair is only about 2 inches? So.. may not fly but we’ll see! Alright have a good one.

Happy Tuesday!

PS: Does anyone else have natural hair dreams? My dream last night I had twists and my mom was helping me take them out and I took one out and it looked cool, and I was like let’s wait to take the rest out! So I was walking around with twists with one twist out hahaha! Ok. Cya!


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