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This and That

Ever since going natural I have been eyeing up every natural girl I see! If they looked at me they’d probably just see me staring at their hair! It has been kind of exciting seeing what’s out there in my city. A girl downtown had her natural hair in a headband and it looked cute. Another girl on my bus had her hair in Bantu knots! I was staring her head down from behind trying to figure it out and I think her hair was in locs and then in Bantu knots. She had a couple of ‘bang-like’ locs across her forehead and the rest of her hair just looked like they were in locs. It looked goood!

My roomie-friend bought a little hair bow from American Apparel and it’s soo cute so I’m totally wearing it soon. AA Bow
Also I’ve been on the hunt for some headbands. Not the round ones because those roll through my hair when I push it up and it pulls at my hairs. Not ok. I’m just looking for some flat ones without the metal piece. I found some reeally cute braided ones in a pack but they had the metal clasp so that was a no-go.

Here’s a really nice hair style from a blog. I love the twisted look and I think it’s professional and pretty. Beautiful hair style


Did a 3.5k run this morning. It was good times. I have this hang-up when I run… I like to go early, I probably mentioned that. And I have this thing where if it’s a certain time say.. past 7.. I say to myself.. uugh, it’s too late I can’t go run. It’s bad, I know haha. But this morning I hit snooze a few too many times and lo and behold it was approaching 7. But I said, yknow what? It’s a Sunday, I’ve gotta run, I’m gonna run. Running gear on and I was out the door. It was good. Then I came home and did some wii fitness. I killed it on Super Hoola Hoop! I unlocked Advanced Super Hoola Hoop– 10 minutes. 5 minute hoola hooping each side. Agh! Maybe one day I’ll feel like trying that out.

Oh! Sooo, I really like ice cream… and I work at a chocolate store that sells ice cream and so yeah, I have some chocolate and some ice cream every once in a while but not anymore!! Ever since moving away from home I’ve discovered my body is not a huge fan of dairy. It doesn’t deal with it well and it just… well it’s not fun for those around me if ya know what I mean 😛 Especially sour cream. Ugh.. not my friend. So, I’ve been dipping into the ol’ dairy bin far too often for my own good and so I’m cutting that shit out. So, no dairy, and I’m watching my carbs. So I’m gonna be big on fruits, vegetables, grains and looots of water. I also have to make sure not to eat too close to bedtime. That’s noo good. And more tea! Love that shit.

Happy Sunday!

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