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Curls and Running!

I really like running. Especially in the mornings. I like that the sun is still on its way out of bed. I like that the birds are extra noisy and there are less cars on the road. Saying ‘hi’ when passing other runners is encouraging and makes me feel like I’m part of something. I usually run alone and I’ve been running more with music lately.

Running with natural hair has been soooo eeeeasy. I literally take my silk cap off and I’m good to go. My worst nightmare is going for a run with my silk cap still on. I hope that remains a nightmare and not a reality! But yeah, my hair just looks short and fuzzy. Perfect.

Did any of you feel less willing to work out with relaxed hair? I’ve been reading that some people avoided exercise on occasion in order not to sweat out their perm. I totally get that. I think there probably were times when I opted to do some yoga instead of a full on run in order to save a hairstyle, but not very often. The great feeling I get once I’ve completed a workout is usually motivation enough to get through it. Running and Natural Hair

I bought a pair of running pants yesterday! Well, my roomie-friend did for me for my birthday, which is in a week! Aagh! They feel amaaazing! I only had one pair of lululemon running leggings, and it’s always a reason not to run when your running pants are sitting in the laundry basket. But now I can run twice as much with my extra pair of running leggings! I like running with leggings instead of shorts I find. They don’t ride up my thighs. They stay where they’re supposed to. Here they are: UnderArmour

Oh yeah, today was my first run in a week. And last night I had pizza.. blah.. gotta get my clean eating and running back!



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