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How long have you been natural for?

Natural hair journeys. As I mentioned, I am 2 months in and, I’m basically at the point where I’ve done soo much research and am now applying what I’m learning. But I’m still learning that’s for sure.

My biggest thing, when my curls were coming in after my Big Chop, was hand-in-hair. I loooved springing those coils, squishing them and feeling them bounce back. They seem so resilient and strong. But, I now realize that while it does have its measures of strength, the best thing I can do with my hair is to leave it alooone. Let it do its thing and don’t get up in its face or I’m only going to walk away with breakage and SSK (single strand knots) and then I won’t be smiling.

So here’s a site about ‘How to avoid single strand knots’.


2 thoughts on “How long have you been natural for?

  1. I agree with you about letting your hair do its own thing. I think so many people get caught up in the whole natural hair-waves-curls things and trying out a new product weekly, they over-manipulate their hair. It causes breakage and such.

    • Yeah, I’m just trying to keep my hair from being thirsty. That’s basically my goal and if I can get that down I’m a happy girl. I like the idea of just having my go-to products without a drawer full of this and that. I’m just happy to see my hair grow, really.

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