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Wash and Go

It’s a co-wash and go kinda day for me. That’s pretty much been my mantra for my total two months of being natural thus far. I just figured, my hair will only be this low maintenance for a while, might as well live it up right? Plus it’s just easy peasy and makes for less to-do when I get up and go for my morning runs. I mean sporting a TWA means my bed-head is socially acceptable for my 6am run when noone’s around to see me! Score! I also figured this time will be the lowest amount of manipulation to my hair and that is always a good thing. Keep the fingers and combs out so my hair can flourish and grooow!

I remember back when I had relaxed hair (I say it like it was sooo long ago haha) and you could tell when I was getting close to needing a touch up. The roots weren’t the giveaway, it was that I had switched over to wearing headbands. If you saw me wearing headbands day in day out you’d know it was time!

It’s interesting. I remember knowing so much about my relaxed hair. Knowing when to wash it, how to style it, how to protect it as best I can from heat, how to prepare it before bed. But now, with my own hair, I am reading blogs and watching youtube videos about how to care for my hair. Strange, really…

But it’s a good place to be and that is where I am at with my hair. Lovin’ it!


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